About Us

We help organizations across the private, public, and social sectors create the Change that Matters most to them.As you play more, the static feature.... adjust the skill levels, tracks your performance and compare it with various user groups.Mutliplayer allows you to invite and compete with family and friends for a rich collective experience. Daily challenge lets you to make your way through the leaderboards.

What we do

Promoting new mind games which is useful for students growth and increases thier skill set

Why us

Sketch-EA is providing the resources and videos specifically tailored to a remote learning environment! Check out our Remote Learning Series and our sketch-EA products for practical, engaging,thought-provoking activities.

What's new

KettleMind is our newest product. we can Pick from existing 40+ games or your own trivia



PERSONALIZED BRAIN TRAINING APP Kick start your brain with fun exercises. Welcome to the world of KettleMind, a set of personalized brain training games to elevate your skills..

Our Impacts


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Change Is The End Result Of All True Learning


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The "small tangible steps" route to strategic breakthroughs is the only implementation strategy we know of that continually delivers dramatic results.


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Unlocking Innovation goes beyond the mere process of generating ideas and looks at how we can actually bring them to life

"A mind that is learning is a free mind, and freedom demands the responsibility of learning."